Welcome to Fish Story, a DIY Aquarium & Rescue Attraction in Naples, Florida, USA

About us

  • We are a Public Aquarium Attraction
  • exhibiting large freshwater fish from around the world
  • educating about their biology, role in human life, current plight & conservation issues, humane captive keeping, truth vs fiction, etc.
  • a unique, family-based, Do-It-Yourself venture
  • a full service Fish Rescue
  • video introduction https://youtu.be/5SpZH8o6pQc
  • our YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCeGmoYYJt8egvpvCgAbbJg

Admission, Address

  • Open by appointment – call Viktor at 239-595-8586 to make one
  • No set fee – donation is expected, amount is not set (cash, PayPal, Venmo, Zelle; no credit/debit card)
  • Appointments are available
    • Mon through Sat 10am-4pm
    • Sun noon-4pm
    • extended hours planned, to be announced later
  • Address 316 Morgan Rd, Naples, FL 34114
  • Main feeding at noon every day
  • No more than 1 child under 10 years per adult unless a family
  • We work toward opening unrestricted with business hours soon
  • See second page for Fish Rescue & Adoption info


Public Aquarium

General admission


  • All aspects of fish keeping
  • Fish tank /pond construction
  • Problem solving


  • Guided
  • Group
  • Presentation
  • Hands-on
  • Close encounter

You Can Sponsor

  • A fish or a tank
  • A new fish or a new tank

Fish Rescue

  • We take in fish
  • Find new home
  • Use for display

Special Services

  • To be announced later