• General donations:
  • Donations can be made free of charge by Zelle and the likes, or even a personal check
  • Or you can pay directly a vendor for something specific we need. By paying directly to vendor, the donor knows exactly what is done with their donation.
  • For example, currently we need:
    • $7000-$14000 to buy a viewing acrylic window 12 ft x 5.5 ft x 2 inch for our 10,000 gal / 40,000 liter homemade exhibit, which costs $7K imported from China or $14K bought domestically; the project is described here:
    • $500 worth of 4 inch PVC piping to plumb the 10K exhibit
    • $1500 for 6 new RO membranes
    • you can pay toward our electric bill, currently at $1500 a month
    • or buy $300 worth of New Life Spectrum pellets or Bionic Bait frozen fish which we feed to our fish in one month
    • it can be lumber, cinder blocks, concrete, gasoline, etc.
  • One can also sponsor:
    • an existing fish resident
    • an acquisition of a new fish for display and knowledge
    • an existing exhibit
    • a construction of a new exhibit